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Information About Liposuction In Houston


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What Is It?

Most people have heard of liposuction. To put it simply, it involves removing fat from the body in any number of places where you feel too much fat exists.

This is accomplished with the help of a hollow stainless tube. This, in unison with a powerful vaccuum, is able to pull the fat out of the affected area.

There have been cases of people claiming to have lost up to 50 pounds by using the liposuction procedure. Lipo does not guarantee that kind of weight loss though. More likely would be up to ten or twenty pounds, depending on how many areas you havethe lipo technique done to.

There are some safety issues, which we will touch on in a moment. Do not expect lipo to be a treatment for obesity, as that is not the case. The liposuction recovery can last several weeks to get back completely healthy. Keep in mind that full body lipo can take up to six hours total to perform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Liposuction costs are going to depend largely on how much you get done and in what areas. The more you get done the more it will cost obviously. There are price ranges from more experienced doctors to less experienced doctors as well.

Make sure to not base youe entire decision on cost. If liposuction is done incorrectly it could cost you more down the road than you have saved by going the more inexpensive route early.

For typical liposuction in the abdomen, you can expect to pay on average $5,000. IF you are getting more than one area done at a time, then add the costs up. Legs can $2,000 per leg. Arms can be $3,000 per arm.

There are some deciding factors that can make the cost go up or down. How big the patient is. How difficult will that particular liposuction job be. How muh time the surgeon will have to dedicate to the job. The good thing about lipo is that you should not necessarily need to continue going in for lipo if you treat your body correct after the first session.

The Liposuction Procedure

There are several different techniques that can be used by surgeons to provide liposuction to a patient. The most common is the suction-assisted technique. A small incision is made in the area of the patient's liposuction needs, then a small tube is inserted, a suction is created to remove the fat cells.

Another popular method is the ultrasound method. In this case, an ultrasound vibration is transmitted which makes the fat cells burst and become easier to extract.

There are several different other types of techniques that can be used.

The common factors amongst the techniques are as follows. A small incision will be made in order to retrieve the fat cells. An IV will probably be necessary in order to replenish the lost fluids that will be endured. Incisions are usually very small, less than a half inch typically. The patient should be able to get up, walk around and go home immediately after the procedure.

Is It Safe?

What are the dangers associated with liposuction? As with any invasive procedure, there will always be a base level of danger involved with liposuction.

One of the main concerns is making sure the surgeon does not do too much liposuction to one area or too many areas in one day. This can lead to minor saftey concerns, such as irregularities of the skin or skin discoloration.

Fainting after the procedure is not rare. A lot of times this can happen the next day, after urination. This can lead to more serious injury depending on the state of the individual when the fainting occurs. If he/she is standing, walking, driving, etc.

The most rare of safety concerns involve anesthesia problems, blood clots in the leg or lungs and organ damage in the areas affected by the procedure. Be aware of allergies you may have to any sort of medicines being used. The main concerns involve anesthesia, which is a concern any time that anesthesia is used. If done properly, there should be no conern.