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Information About Laser Hair Removal In Houston

Laser Hair Removal

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What is it?

Laser hair removal is for those that feel that they have too much body hair. There are alternatives, such as electrolysis, but laser hair removal has fast become the most popular option for removing unwanted hair.

Most people will need to have three to seven treatments of laser hair removal. These treatments will be spaced out with four to eight weeks in between them. Each treatment can last up to two hours depending on the size of the area being treated.

At the end of this regimen, the hair in the specific area that was targeted is reduced and becomes thinner for a very long period of time.

You will need to have maintenance visits after the initial sequence. These maintenance visits will become more and more infrequent as you go and the hair becomes thinner and thinner.

Laser Hair Removal in Houston

How Much Is It?

Again, laser hair removal is not a one time deal. You have to have several treatments initially, and then you must continue with the maintenance over the long haul. This will affect the amount of money that one is going to have to spend on the treatment overall. For this reason, try to locate a Houston area clinic that is closest to you.

Keep in mind that these numbers are continually changing. As the field becomes more technologically advances, and the number of specialist keeps increasing, the price is naturally going to fluctuate.

Typically the cost of a single visit in the Houston area will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. This can vary though depending on the area. If it is just a small area, this price can be closer to $50-$100. An area such as your legs or back could be closer to $750 though. Don't forget that this is the price for one visit. You will need close to eight visits to get the job done.

The price can depend on the area in which you live as well. In larger cities, you may have a different price structure than you would run into in a rural town.

The Hair Removal Procedure

When you arrive, you will have the target area washed and prepped before the procedure. The area where the procedure will take place may be numbed depending on the patient. The specialist will find the correct laser settings for the patient and then the procedure will begin.

The laser is pointed at the individual hair follicle. After the hair follicle absorbs enough energy, it dies and is no longer able to grow.

Depending on your skin pigment, more or less of the laser's energy may permeate your skin and cause discomfort. This is natural.

Is It Safe?

Most of the time you can expect to feel a small amount of discomfort associated with laser hair removal. Some areas of the body are more or less sensitive than other areas. Everyone has their own pain tolerance.

The lasers themselves are generally safe. If you have darker pigmentation, there is the chance that you may have some slight scarring due to the process.

It is normal to experience some itching and swelling in the area being affected by the laser hair removal. Some patients may also show side effects due to an allergy they may have to the numbing gel being used or some other creams being applied to the surface of the skin.

In extreme, rare cases, there have been cases of blistering, scabbing, burning of the skin, scarring and skin texture changes. These cases are very few and far between, with very few of these being reported in the Houston area.

Laser Hair Removal in Houston