Houston Surgeons

Highest rated plastic surgeons in Houston. For full listings, see the following link. Houston Surgeon Rankings
Surgeon Specialty Rating
Amerejuve Laser Hair Removal Hair Removal 5 Stars(88 Reviews)
Hector Viera General 5 Stars(81 Reviews)
Dr. R Lee Steely Face, breast, body 5 Stars(49 Reviews)
John Bergeron Liposuction 5 Stars(24 Reviews)
Dr Franklin Rose General 5 Stars(19 Reviews)
Henry Mentz General 5 Stars(11 Reviews)
Institute of Cosmetic Surgery General 5 Stars(9 Reviews)
Medical Spas of Pearland Skincare 5 Stars(8 Reviews)
Dr Anthony Brissett General 5 Stars(8 Reviews)
Phi Nguyen General 5 Stars(7 Reviews)
Arocha Hair Restoration Hair 5 Stars(6 Reviews)
Charles Fontanier General 5 Stars(4 Reviews)
Paul Vitenas General 5 Stars(3 Reviews)
Tuan A Vu Pa General 4.5 Stars(23 Reviews)
Mark Schusterman General 4.5 Stars(14 Reviews)
Realis Medical Spa Skin Care 4.5 Stars(5 ReviewS)
Philip Straka General 4.5 Stars(4 Reviews)
Michael Ciaravino General 4 Stars(6 Reviews)
Camille Cash General 4 Stars(4 Reviews)
Aegea Medi-Spa and Salon Spa 3.5 Stars(5 Reviews)
Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center General 2.5 Statrs(5 Reviews)
Donna Rich General 2.5 Stars(3 Reviews)