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Information About Hair Transplants In Houston

Hair Transplants

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What Is It?

If you are going bald on top, then this might be the procedure for you. You take some hair from another part of your head or body and transplant it to the area that is causing the most concern.

For male pattern baldness, grafts are generally taken from elsewhere on the head and transplanted to the balding or receding area.

One can also replace eyebrows or eyelashes with this procedure. Scars from previous accidents can also be helped.

Modern hair transplantation has come a long way inthe last twenty years. You can now achieve a natural head of hair with this procedure.

Hair Transplant in Houston

How Much Does It Cost?

The answer to this question, as always, is it depends. On average, you can expect to pay up to $10 per hair graft. This can cause the entire procedure to approach $10,000 dollars total.

Other costs that you should be aware of are facility fees, anesthesia, blood test costs and any extra medicine that you may need.

The price could also depend a lot on how many visits you will need to finish the procedure. The more complicated the situation, the more it will cost.

Typically you can arrange for a free consultation. Remember also that the results are usually long-lasting, so maintenance costs or recurring fees are non-existent.

Hair Transplant in Houston

The Hair Transplant Procedure

There are two basic types of hair transplant procedures that you will run into these days. One is the strip harvesting method while the other is follicular unit extraction.

Strip harvesting is where a strip of scalp is removed under local anesthesia. The skin in that area is then stitched back together. The strip is cut into pieces called grafts. These grafts are then placed in the thinning areas of the patient's head. The recovery period for this procedure is two weeks.

Follicular unit extraction is when individual follicles of hair are removed under local anesthesia. This will cause smaller scars than the strip harvesting method. These follicles will be transplanted to the thinning areas.

Hair Transplant in Houston

Is It Safe?

As with all procedures, there are some concerns when dealing with hair transplants.

Bleeding, pain and numbness. These are three that are nearly unavoidable. Persisten bleeding is rare, but some light bleeding is to be expected. Pain is minimal and lasts for a few days. Numness can last for a few weeks to a few months after the operation.

Swelling and itching is common in most hair transplant patients as well. Swelling should go down after a few days. Itching is normal for any incision that is in the healing process.

In a few cases you may see scarring, infection and cysts. Scarring could occur in those that are prone to scarring. Infection occurs infrequently and is typically easily curable with antibiotics. Cysts tend to go away, if they are present at all, after a few days.