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Breast Enhancement

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What is it?

Breast Enhancement as we talk about here covers three different types. Breast implants, breast lifts and breast reductions. Breast implants are the most popular. This is for women who do not like the size and shape of their breasts. They can have implants surgically inserted to help improve upon their breast size. Breast lifts are mainly for the older women who have some sagging in their breasts and want to surgically improve the appearance of their breasts. Breast reductions are for the women who have breasts that are too big and cause them pain and suffering. They can have them reduced to a more acceptable size through surgery.

How much is it?

Cost of breast implants can range from $5,000 up to $10,000. Silicone implants cost a bit more than saline implants in most cases. To remove the implants at a later date will cost in the ball park of $2,500 dollars. Breast lift surgery can run you anywhere from $4,000 up to $10,000 depending on where you get it done. The average in Houston is in the $7,500 range. Breast reduction will also fall in this same ballpark. Just remember to prepare for possible post-operation procedures that you may have to go through in order to ensure the success of the operation. We have discussed possible financing options.

The Breast Enhancement Procedure

Breast implants are inserted behind the breast tissue. There are four possible incision points. Surgeons try to keep the incisions as invisible as possible to the eye. The four possibilities are around the areola, under the breast, armpit or belly button. The suregon and the patient should decide which is best in each case. Breast lifts help for sagging breasts. Breast implants do nothing for sagging breasts. Breast lifts will increase the perkiness of breasts, but after time they will begin to sag again. Also, pregnancy will cause the breasts to sag quicker, so if you plan to get pregnant, hold off on the surgery. Breast reduction is needed if your breasts cause lower back or some other form of pain. It is accomplished by removing excess fat, breast tissue and skin.

Is it safe?

What are the dangers of Breast enhancement?
Breast implants have a possibility of rupturing inside the breast. This could cause the need for an additional surgery if the implants starts to leak. The tissues around the implant could tighten and squeeze the implant causing pain. There could be a change in sensation in the nipple and breast as a whole. Improper size or placement of implant could cause severe pain. There is the slim chance of a breast wall deformity post surgery. Breast Lift and Breast Reduction carry with it some of the generic dangers of cosmetic surgery. There could be pain and infection after the surgery. With breast reduction, there is a possibility that you may lose a nipple if they have to detach and reattach them. There is the danger or scarring and lopsided breasts as well.
Breast Enhancement in Houston