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Our Mission

Our mission here at Plastic Surgery Houston is very simple. We know a lot of people are turning to plastic surgery as a means to enhance their appearance. Unfortunately, many in the Houston community do not have the understanding of the procedures required to make an educated decision. We are going to supply every shred of information that one would need in order to make an informed decision about plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures..
Our Blog

Our blog, which you can find by clicking on this link, is one of the most important aspects of the page. This is where you will find the laest information about any number of plastic surgery options here in Houston. Check the blog frequently as it is updated daily.
Cost of plastic surgery in Houston

The first question a lot of people in Houston have about plastic surgery is about the cost of the procedure. This is something that we cover extensively on our blog. Click the link above to see more information about the cost as well as the length of time for the more popular surgeries performed in the city of Houston.
Where to get plastic surgery done in Houston

Another frequent question we get is about the best surgeons in Houston for plastic surgery. We are not here to review plastic surgeons in Houston. We are only here to provide the information to let you, the patient, make an informed decision. We will provide a list of the most highly rated Houston plastic surgeons according to the numerous online reviews we have researched.
Financing plastic surgery in Houston

Financing plastic surgery is a huge concern for those looking into having something done. Even the most basic of procedures can cost as much as most household appliances. This leads to the need for financing options to pay for the procedures. We have taken a look at all available financing options.
Medical tourism options in Houston

We have seen the prices at this point. For some those prices may be too much to handle. Some may not qualify for any of the numerous financing options, or they do not want to put themselves that far into debt. Insurance probably will not cover it. What do the people of Houston do now for plastic surgery? The latest trend is called medical tourism. This is where people go to a foreign country to find a more affordable surgeon. We talk about the most popular destinations for plastic surgery abroad in the link above.

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